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In these sentences you have to choose either the Present Simple tense or the Present Continuous.Then click the check button to see if you are right.

1. At the moment ____ with my brother until I find a new flat. .
I'm living
I live

2. Please stop that. ____ what you're doing.
I'm not liking
I don't like

3. What ____ on Friday night? Would you like to come to the cinema with me?
are you doing
do you do

4. Bring the umbrella. ____ it's going to rain.
I'm thinking
I think

5. ____ a letter to my mother every week.
I'm writing
I write

6. What ____ on Saturday afternoons in winter?
are you doing
do you do

7. Most of the time ____ football on Saturdays.
I'm playing
I play

8. ____ some friends round to dinner tonight. Would you like to come?.
I'm having
I have

9. I'm not very happy with my flat. ____ of finding a new one.
I'm thinking
I think

10. I'm tired and I need a long holiday. ____ too hard.
I'm working
I work

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