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In these sentences you have to choose either the infinitive or gerund to follow the verb or adjective expression. Then click the check button to see if you are right.

1. I've only been in France for a day and I've got used to ____ on the right already.

2. Stop ____ me how to run my life. I'm a grown woman now and I can make my own decisions.
to tell

3. I've been having some problems preparing for my exams, so I asked my teacher what I could do and he agreed ____ me.
to help

4. We discussed where to eat for a while. I suggested ____ to a Chinese restaurant but in the end we agreed to go to an Indian one.
to go

5. It's a very difficult decision. I think it's best ____ leave it until the morning and decide then.
to leave

6. ____ Richard that he had lost his job was the most difficult thing that I've had to do as a manager.
To tell

7. I haven't seen Amy for ages because she works in Singapore. I really hope ____ her in when I go there next month.
to visit

8. I feel quite tired now so I think I'll stop ____ a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
to have

9. Only one more week of work to go. I'm really looking forward to ____ away from here for a holiday.

10. When I saw Amy she was so delighted ____ me again that she gave me a big hug and a kiss.
to see

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