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In these sentences you have to choose one of the tenses given to complete the sentence. Then click the check button to see if you are right.

1. ____ here for the past hour for someone to come and talk to me. How much longer must I wait?
I was waiting
I waited
I've been waiting
I'd been waiting

2. The last time ____ my brother was a year ago, so it was great seeing him again in London.
I was seeing
I've seen
I've been seeing
I saw

3. When I went out to dinner last night I had octopus. ____ it before, but it was really nice.
I'd never eaten
I never ate
I've never eaten
I was never eating

4. ____ the dog in the park yesterday, when he saw a rabbit and chased after it. He almost caught it too!.
I walked
I'd walked
I'd been wakling
I was walking

5. I finally left work at 7.00, and I was really tired because ____ since 8.00 in the morning.
I was working
I'd been working
I've been working
I worked

6. I'd like to come to dinner, but ____ football so I need to have a bath and wash my hair before I come out again. Shall I meet you in two hours at your place?
I've played
I was playing
I've been playing
I played

7. Look at that car! ____ such a beautiful model. I wish I had the money to buy it.
I've never seen
I'd never seen
I never saw
I was never seeing

8. ____ to my boss when the phone was suddenly cut off. I'll try him again.
I talked
I've talked
I've been talking
I was talking

9. When I got home everyone ____ all the food, so I had to phone for a pizza.
was eating
had eaten
has eaten

10. It's OK. I'm not hungry. ____.
I already ate
I was already eaten
I've already been eating
I've already eaten

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