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Vocabareas - information and contents

These verbs each use two different noun suffixes to form nouns. Add the appropriate suffixes to each of them and put the derived nouns in the relevant sentences in the correct form. Try to work out the nouns first before you check them in a dictionary.

admit, consult, deliver, enter, refer, succeed

1. There were so many fans waiting for the band to arrive at the concert hall that the musicians had to go in by the back (1) to avoid them.

2. I'm sorry, madam. We don't have any eggs left in the shop today, but we're expecting a (2) tomorrow.

3. The (3) by the national football team captain, that he had taken money to lose games, shocked the whole nation.

4. I left my job in the company last year and started my own (4) to advise people going into business for the first time.

5. After the (5) of his case to the Appeals Court, Simon felt that he would finally have a chance to get out of prison.

6. In his speech the president made a number of (6) to the previous day's anti-government demonstrations.

7. It snowed for twelve days in (7) last December. I can't remember when it snowed so much before.

8. There is no (8) to this film for children unless they are accompanied by an adult.

9. We can't go down that road. There's a no (9) sign.

10. It's very difficult for us to accept losing, especially as we have enjoyed so much fantastic (10) for such a long time.

11. The people prayed to God for (11) from the misfortunes that they were suffering.

12. My doctor arranged a (12) for me with an eye specialist to find out if I need an eye operation.