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Affixation 2 Bookmark and Share

Vocabareas - information and contents

The affixes on these words change the meanings of the words, sometimes radically, but usually partly. Put the appropriate form in each sentence.

alternate, alternative, destination, destiny, object, objective, objection, serial, series, variable, variance, variation 

1. The ____________________ of the bus is always shown on the front.

2. We have only one ____________________, and that is to win the World Cup.

3. The snow has closed the airport, so we've had to make ____________________ travel arrangements.

4. After a ____________________ of six defeats, the club decided to change the manager.

5. His plans for his holiday are completely at ____________________ with his wife's. She wants to visit historical and cultural sites, but he just wants to lie on the beach.

6. I'll organise the party if no one has any ____________________ to my doing it.

7. In the desert there is a huge ____________________ between the temperatures in the day and those in the night.

8. As he was driving he saw a strange ____________________ in the night sky. It had lights along its side and was following him.

9. We hold meetings on ____________________ Mondays, so there's one today and another in two weeks. 

10. There's a new drama ____________________ starting tonight on television. I really want to see it.

11. He devoted all his life to becoming the president of his country because he believed that it was his ____________________.

12. Unfortunately for our holiday plans, the weather was the one ____________________ that we could not control.

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