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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words which are sometimes confused because they come from the same root but have different suffixes. Read the sentences and choose one of the pairs to fill each gap, paying attention to the grammar. Then check your answers.

affectation/affection, cosmetic/cosmic, destination/destiny, economic/economical, official/officious, stationary/stationery

1. The death of a star is a (1) event which is seldom observed except by chance.

2. One of Melanie's most annoying (2) is the way she exaggerates her laugh when someone tells a joke.

3. The prime minister today said that the (3) outlook for the next five years is looking far better than expected.

4. The police could see that the accident wasn't my fault because my car was (4) at the time of the collision.

5. Have you noticed how (5) some people become when they put on a uniform? They think they have the absolute right to tell you what to do.

6. When Patterson was a boy he always said that he would be the world champion one day, so if he wins his fight tomorrow he will fulfill his (6) .

7. Dogs are very popular pets because they show a lot of (7) to their owners and are often seen as one of the family.

8. There's a rumour going around that the chairman has resigned. The company is going to make an (8) announcement at 1.00.

9. One of the biggest growing areas of medical practice is (9) surgery. So many people want to change the way that they look.

10. This car is one of the most (10) that you can find. It can go 700 kilometres on a full tank of petrol.

11. This is the slow train. It takes over two hours to reach its final (11) at Cambridge because it stops so many times on the way.

12. Can you go to the (12) shop and get some more pens and paper?