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Body Doubles 1 Bookmark and Share

Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using expressions composed of the same body word used twice. Look at the expressions in the list and decide which of them should go in the gaps. 

back to back, cheek to cheek, eye to eye, hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart, mouth to mouth, neck and neck, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe

1. John's practised karate and kung-fu for over ten years now. He's and expert in ________________________ combat now.

2. Our relationship was going badly wrong, but after we sat down and had a ________________________ talk we decided to try again. We're a lot happier now. 

3. I wish my wife and my sister could agree about some things. The problem is that they just can't see ________________________ and argue about everything.

4. I like nothing better than dancing ________________________ with a pretty young woman at a party. 

5. Although there are eight runners on the race, the commentators see it as a ________________________ between Lewis, the Olympic champion and Jackson, the world champion, with the rest a long way behind.

6. My friendship with Martin has lasted for many years and is still going strong. We have stood ________________________ together through many hard times.

7. The two boxers stood ________________________ and just punched each other till one of them was knocked out. 

8. The two heroes stood ________________________ so that it would be easier to fight their attackers.

9. When the paramedics pulled the boy out of the river, he was no longer breathing, so they had to give him ________________________ resuscitation. 

10. As the election day approaches, opinion polls show that the two presidential candidates are ________________________. It's impossible to say who'll win.

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