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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words which have similar meanings and which are often confused. Look at the words in the list and decide which of the words should go in the gaps. Each one can be  used at least four times.

quite, rather, enough 

1. Can you lend me some money? I don't have ________________ to get me to work.

2. I didn't ________________ hear what you said. Can you repeat it please?

3. I would ________________ leave my job than work for Mr Gray. He's so rude.

4. It was a great party. ________________ a few of my friends came and we didn't finish till four in the morning.

5. I needed a new car and this one was cheap ________________ for me to buy, so I bought it.

6. We need to get together for about an hour because I have ________________ a lot of things to talk about.

7. That's ________________! Don't put any more food out for the dog or he'll start getting fat.

8. The people here are ________________ friendly, so you won't feel lonely working here. 

9. I didn't take the job because the salary wasn't good ________________ for a person of my skill and experience. 

10. I was ________________ hoping that you would give me a hand with the decorating. 

11. Didn't you like the film? I thought that it was ________________ good.

12. I ________________ agree with everything you've said. You're absolutely right.

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