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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words and expressions which have similar meanings and which are often confused. Look at the words and expressions in the list and decide which of them should go in the gaps. In some cases more than one of them can be used.

at first, in the beginning, at the beginning, firstly, at last, lastly, finally, at the end, in the end, eventually 

1. ________________________ of the film there's a bank robbery and the rest of the film is about what happens to the robbers and the money.

2. I spent a long time thinking about the job and whether it suited me. ________________________ I decided not to take it.

3. I have a few things to talk to you about. ________________________, there's the matter of your exams next week.

4. I waited for over two hours for the electrician to arrive. ________________________ he came at 10.00 in the evening.

5. ________________________, when I met Steve, I didn't like him, but gradually we started talking and going out together. Now we're engaged and the wedding's next June.

6. Alice told me what had happened to my car and that it wasn't her fault. ________________________, I didn't believe her, but soon after I realised that she was telling the truth. 

7. Before he left for the airport, Henry packed his bags, changed his clothes and called a taxi. ________________________, he checked his passport, money and tickets.

8. ________________________! My exam results have arrived. I can't wait to open them to see if I've passed.

9. ________________________ of the film, everyone was crying because the princess died in the prince's arms. 

10. I've been thinking for a long time about which university to go to. I've ________________________decided to make Oxford my first choice.

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