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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words which have similar meanings and which are often confused. Look at the words in the list and decide which of them should go in the gaps. They are all based on the Latin root sense meaning feel

sense, sensible, sensation, sensational, senseless, insensitive, sensuous, sensitive, sensitivity, sentient

1. When I woke up this morning I had a strange ____________________ in my leg, so I thought I'd better see the doctor.

2. One of the most ____________________ things I know is relaxing in a nice, hot bath with soft music and a good book.

3. Don't ask John about is relationship with his girlfriend. It's a very____________________ subject at the moment.

4. Many people believe that there should be no scientific experiment on ____________________ animals like cats, dogs and monkeys.

5. There is no ____________________  in spending more money on this car. It will only last a few more months, so it's better to get a new one.

6. Have you heard the ____________________ news? The Prime Minister has resigned in a financial scandal.

7. Don't worry about Alan. He's a very ____________________ person and won't do anything risky, dangerous or stupid on his trip.

8. As the robbers were leaving the bank, one of them turned and shot one of the customers for no reason. It was a ____________________ act.

9. When doctors have to give patients bad news about their health, they have to do it with the greatest ____________________.

10. The boss just walked into the office and told Michelle in front of everybody that she had lost her job. It was a very ____________________ thing to do.

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