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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words which have similar meanings and which are often confused. Look at the words in the list and decide which of them should go in the gaps. They can each be used twice.

support, maintain, bear, stand

1. If you eat good food you can (1) your good health with old age.

2. I think you should stand for the post of chairman. I'll (2) you all the way.

3. You will have to (3) the travel costs yourself as the company has no money to pay for the trip.

4. I can't (4) waiting for people. If they don't come on time, I just leave.

5. The Prime Minister (5) that he had not changed his policy on tax, and that he would continue with the same policy.

6. I need to get a better job. I don't get enough money from this job to (6) my family.

7. I met John in the pub and he told me that he had won some money, so he (7) me a drink.

8. Politics is a very rewarding career, if you can (8) the pressure that comes with it.

9. One of the biggest growing areas of medical practice is (9) surgery. So many people want to change the way that they look.

10. This car is one of the most (10) that you can find. It can go 700 kilometres on a full tank of petrol.

11. This is the slow train. It takes over two hours to reach its final (11) at Cambridge because it stops so many times on the way.

12. Can you go to the (12) shop and get some more pens and paper?