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Vocabareas - information and contents

This exercise practises using words which either have similar meanings or look similar and which are often confused. Look at the words in the list and decide which of them should go in the gaps. Put the words in the correct form.

affect (2), affectation, affection, affectionate, effect (n), effect (v), effective, efficient

1. Cats are very ____________________ animals. They will jump on your lap and sit there waiting for you to stroke them.

2. The hurricane had a terrible ____________________ on the islands. Many buildings were destroyed, crops damaged, roads blocked and communications disrupted.

3. When Michael's wife left him it ____________________ him very badly. He didn't want to see anyone and just wanted to stay at home every night.

4. The new manager decided to ____________________ many changes to the office routines because she found that the workers were wasting so much time.

5. I have a lot of ____________________ for the Greek island of Mykonos. When I lived there, I found the people very friendly and considerate. They treated me like one of their own.

6. The passenger next to Stella on the plane started a conversation with her. She ____________________ interest on what he was saying, but she really wanted to read her magazine.

7. The new diet that I've been following has been very ____________________. I've lost 5 kilos already in just a month.

8. Michael's American accent is just an ____________________. He's really from London, but he wants everyone to believe he's from California.

9. In order to make the company more ____________________ the management decided to make a hundred people redundant and increase production.

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