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Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises words denoting animals, which can be used with other meanings, often as verbs. Choose one word to put into each space depending on whether it is a verb or a noun. Remember to use the correct form of the word depending on its use in the sentence. Pay attention to spelling.

ape, cow, crocodile, dog, donkey, guinea pig, horse, lion, monkey, parrot, rat, wolf

1. The problem with genetically modified foods is that no one really knows their effect on people. We are being used as (1) .

2. I'm fed up with (2) everything the management say. I have a mind of my own and I want to express my own opinion.

3. Tim and I used to be good colleagues, but then he (3) on me and I lost my job as a result. I never want to see him again.

4. The bank said that they really regretted taking my house to pay off the loan, but I don't believe them. They're just crying (4) tears.

5. I don't see any difference between this new government and the last one. The new one's just (5) what the old one did.

6. Typical! You just sit around relaxing and leave me to do all the (6) work.

7. This eye problem has been (7) me ever since I was a teenager. I need to see a specialist and sort it out.

8. Don't (8) down your food so quickly. You'll get a bad stomach.

9. He threatened me but I'm not (9) at all. I won't let him hurt me.

10. Who's been (10) around with the video controls? Nothing seems to work.

11. I did most of the work so I should get the (11) share of the money.

12. Can you children stop (12) around in here? You'll break something. Why don't you go out and play?