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Word Groups - Body Words Describing People Bookmark and Share

Word Groups - information and contents

This exercise practise  words which are combinations of body words with other words and are used to describe types of people and characteristics. Choose the correct part of the body to complete the combination in each sentence. 

belly, bones, brain, eye, eyes, fingers, head (2), heart, mouth 

1. At school the other children used to call him four-________________ because of his glasses.

2. I don't believe it! How could you drop that glass? You're such a butter-________________.

3. When the actor, Robert Redford, was younger many women loved going to see his films. He was a real ________________-throb.

4. You have to explain the same thing to him two or three times before he understands. He's a real block-________________.

5. John's a real lazy-________________. He never does anything around the house. He just prefers to watch TV all day. 

6. When I was at school I was a real yellow-________________. If any of the other boys wanted to fight I just ran away as fast as I could.

7. The professor constantly forgets what he is supposed to do and is completely disorganised. It's incredible that such a bird-________________ could run a university department.

8. Frank is a real dead-________________. When he shoots he never misses. He's going to captain the shooting team at the Olympics.

9. I wish Dale would shut up once in a while. He's such a loud-________________. He has to let everyone know when he's around.

10. Angela is the egg-________________ in the family. She knows so much about physics that she's going to the top university in the country to study it.

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