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This exercise practises extended meanings of words denoting clothes. Read through these texts and fill each gap with one of the clothes expressions with the same meaning as the word or phrase in brackets. Make sure you change the grammar where necessary.

pull one's socks up, roll up one's sleeves, shirty, wear the trousers, take one's hat off to, boot out of, tighten one's belt, belt up, with kid gloves, in someone's shoes

1. John likes to think he's in control, but it's really his wife who ________________ (is in control) in their house.

2. Don't get ___________________ (annoyed) with me. It's not my fault.

3. I wouldn't like to be ____________________ (in your situation) when Mum finds out it was you who broke the window. 

4. You'll have to ____________________ (make a greater effort) and work much harder if you want to pass the exam.

5. The police caught them fighting and they were ____________________ (ejected from) the football ground. 

6. If we're going to get this work finished we'll have to ____________________ (prepare to work harder).

7. Look, will you just ____________________ (keep quiet). I don't want to hear another word from you. 

8. We've got very little money left to spend so we'll have to ____________________ (stop using so much). 

9. Stop treating your children ____________________ (so leniently). You have to show them real discipline if they are to learn.

10. You've got to ____________________ (admire) John. He really knows how to pass exams.

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