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Colours 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises extended meanings of words denoting colours. Read through this text and fill each gap with one of the colours in the list. Most of them are used more than once.

blue, green, purple, red, white

I went to a football game last week. It was very eventful. First of all the weather was so bad that the match was almost called off, but it got better and the referee gave it the (1) light half an hour before the start. The match was very hard and there were many fouls on both sides. One player on our side was badly fouled, saw (2) , and punched the other player. He was sent off. Then their team scored a goal and that was it. Our team put up the (3) flag.

Our team just couldn't cope with the opposition and were (4) -washed 5-0.Their team played so well they were (5) hot. Our team's fans screamed and shouted till they were (6) in the face and (7) with rage.

In the end all our players felt (8) , especially the one who scored an own goal. He was (9) -faced. When I see the talent in their team and the lack of talent in ours I go (10) with envy.