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Word Groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs which indicate noises that people make. Put one of these verbs in each space. Make sure you put them in the correct form.

bang, click, crash, grunt, moan, ring, sigh, slam, snap, sniff, snort, whistle

1. Stop ____________________. Get a handkerchief and blow your nose.

2. I live right next to a church and they always ____________________ the bells really early on a Sunday morning and wake me up.

3. Martha looked at the photos of her wedding and ____________________ softly to herself. She had been so happy then. What had gone wrong?

4. Last night on my way home I found a man lying in the street. I asked him what had happened but he just lay there ____________________. He was clearly in a lot of pain.

5. The king ____________________ his fingers and immediately the servants rushed to bring him his food.

6. James got up angrily, walked across the room, wrenched open the door and ____________________ it as he went out.

7. When you use a computer mouse sometimes you have to ____________________ once, sometimes twice.

8. I got the ball and started running towards the goal, but just then the referee ____________________ for offside.

9. The film was so funny that all the people in the cinema ____________________ loudly as they laughed.

10. Darren was so angry that he picked up the table and ____________________ it against the door.

11. I told John it was time to get up, but he just ____________________ something and went back to sleep.

12. My son loves his new drum. He runs around all day ____________________ it, but it's driving me crazy. 

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