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Verbs meaning Agree/Disagree gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning allow or forbid. Put one of these verbs in each space. Remember to use the correct form of the verb depending on its use in the sentence. They have been split into groups of four to ensure clear choices of answers. Pay attention to spelling.

assent, bicker, concur, consent, deny, disapprove, fall out, object, oppose, quarrel, row, uphold

1. Jane and Louise used to be the best of friends, but then they (1) over a man that they both fancied. Now they don't speak at all.

2. The football committee decided to (2) the referee's original decision regarding Jim Young's sending-off, so he's going to miss the cup final.

3. What really annoys me about the children sometimes is that they (3) constantly about any little thing, like who's got more sweets, or who's got a bigger toy.

4. I told my daughter that I couldn't (4) to her getting married because I feel that at 16 she's too young and she should finish her exams first.

5. The government decided to drop the controversial new law requiring all visitors from abroad to have a visa after it was heavily (5) in Parliament.

6. All the members of the financial committee (6) on the proposed 20% increase in the membership fee, so it's going up from mext year.

7. When Paul's wife asked him about the lipstick on his collar, he (7) that he was seeing another woman.

8. I hate it when the people next door (8) . You can hear all their shouting and screaming through the wall because it's so thin.

9. Before the surgeons could perform the new heart operation, they needed the patient to (9) to it in case anything went wrong.

10. I don't have a problem with Terry telling me that I'm wrong. I just (10) to the way that he says it.

11. I felt that my son wasn't getting the attention he needs at his school, so I went to see his teacher and we ended up (11) about it. I'm going to find him a new school now.

12. I wanted to have long hair when I was young, but my father (12) of it and wouldn't let me grow it very long. I kept having to get haircuts.