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Verbs meaning Ask/Answer 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning ask and answer. Choose the best word to put in each gap. Make sure that you put it in the correct form.

beg, cross-examine, demand, interrogate, interview, plead, query, reply, request, retort

1. The police (1) over a hundred people in their investigation into the disappearance of the little girl.

2. Ralph (2) with his wife not to leave him, but she was determined to leave and start a new life without him.

3. When I read the report, I felt that I had to (3) some of the data in it because I felt that it was inaccurate.

4. I've (4) a week off next term, but I don't think they'll give it to me because it's during exam time.

5. When you go into the witness chair in court and the defence lawyer (5) you, just try to remember all the details of the crime as you saw them.

6. When one reporter asked Mark Timson if he could beat Sonny Joe Robertson in his next fight, he indignantly (6) that he would put him on the floor in the first round.

7. After the accident Laurence stopped a car and (7) the driver to help him, but he just drove off and left him there.

8. I asked Jeremy if he was going to come with me to the cinema, but he didn't (8) so I went on my own.

9. When I got to the hotel, my room was in a terrible state. It hadn't been cleaned after the previous guest, so I (9) to see the manager.

10. The police (10) the suspects for over twenty four hours before they let them go for lack of evidence.