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Bring, get, take 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises the three verbs bring, get and take, which are used to indicate transporting things, but in different directions. Read the sentences and put the correct verbs in the gaps. Make sure you put them in the correct forms.

1. Don't forget to (1) your passport with you when you go on holiday.

2. Can I (2) a friend with me to your party, John?

3. I want you to leave now and (3) all your things with you.

4. When you go out can you (4) me a newspaper?

5. "Did you go to John's party?"
"Yes. I (5) a friend and we really enjoyed it."

6. When I came here last year I (6) far too many clothes with me, but this time I've got the right amount.

7. You go and find a place to sit, and I'll (7) the drinks.

8. Can I (8) the car to the front of the house? We've got too much luggage to carry.

9. Dinner's ready, everybody! Come and (9) it!/p>

10. Don't forget to (10) your bicycle with you when you come to stay. The countryside around here is marvellous.

11. When I arrived home I found that my wife had left and (11) all her things.

12. I was out yesterday (12) the shopping, when I met an old friend from university.