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Verbs meaning Change 1 gapfill Bookmark and Share

Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning change. Put one of these verbs in each space. Remember to use the correct form of the verb depending on its use in the sentence. Pay attention to spelling.

adapt, adjust, alter, convert, fluctuate, modify, mutate, reform, rehash, revise, transform, vary

1. After the new government was voted in, the first thing they started to do was to (1) the antiquated tax laws, so that they were far more equal.

2. The problem with the weather in Britain is that it (2) so much from day to day. You never know whether it's going to rain or be sunny.

3. After a caterpillar has spun a cocoon, it spends four weeks in it, during which it (3) into a butterfly.

4. The brakes don't feel very good on this car. I'll have to take it in to the mechanic tomorrow to get them (4) .

5. After Sebastian divorced his wife, he decided to (5) his will to make sure that she would get far less money than she would have got before.

6. The racetrack was considered very dangerous last year, when three horses were killed, so the committee decided to (6) parts of the course to make it safer.

7. The exam was so difficult last year that the university decided to (7) the format and make it easier to understand.

8. Pigeons are very successful birds. They are found in most towns and cities because they can (8) to new environments relatively easily.

9. Our son used to behave very badly at home and lacked control, so we sent him away to boarding school and it completely (9) him. He's much better behaved now.

10. There's nothing new in Pat Johnson's new book. He basically (10) the last book he wrote, and it says more or less the same thing.

11. I've decided to (11) the loft into a playroom for the children because there's not enough room for them to play in their bedrooms.

12. George can be a difficult person to deal with sometimes. His moods (12) between cheerfulness and melancholy quite quickly.