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Word Groups - Verbs Meaning Cook Bookmark and Share

Word Groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning cook. Choose the best word to put in each gap. Make sure that you put it in the correct form.

bake, barbecue, boil, fry, grill, roast, simmer, steam, toast

1. If you want I can make you a cheese sandwich. Do you want me to ____________________ the bread first before I make it?

2. When the water is very hot put in the pasta and ____________________ it for about seven minutes, but make sure it doesn't become too soft and sticky. 

3. I never buy bread in the supermarkets any more. I prefer to ____________________ my own at home because I can make it exactly as I want it.

4. It's not a good idea to ____________________ bacon in a lot of fat. It's far healthier to ____________________ it so that the fat falls off and you don't add any more.

5. When the chicken is stuffed, put it in the pan with some oil and potatoes and ____________________ it in the oven slowly for about an hour.

6. It's much better to ____________________ vegetables, as you don't lose so many vitamins as you do when you boil them. You just need to use a little water to cook them.

7. Boil the soup on a high flame for a minute and then reduce the flame and ____________________ the soup for another ten minutes. 

8. There's nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than ____________________ a few steaks and hamburgers in the garden with some friends.

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