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Word Groups - Verbs Meaning Hit 1 Bookmark and Share

Word Groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning hit. Choose the best word to put in each gap. Make sure that you put it in the correct form.

beat, bump, chop, clout, punch, rap, spank, strike 

1. I was playing with my friends in the garden when one of them threw a ball. I didn't see it and it ____________________ me on the head. It really hurt.

2. At school my teacher used to walk up and down with a ruler in his hand. If you did anything wrong he'd ____________________ you on the knuckles really hard.

3. One way of hitting someone in karate is ____________________ with the side of the open hand.

4. If I was naughty as a child my mother would put me over her knee and ____________________ me hard on my bottom.

5. I was arrested and taken to the police station. They charged me with ____________________ a police officer, but I told them that it was an accident.

6. For the first three rounds, both boxers scored fairly evenly, but then Williams saw a chance and ____________________ Collins so hard, that he went down and was counted out.

7. The problem with this old house is that the ceiling is very low. If you're not careful you'll ____________________ your head.

8. The crowd surrounded the thief and started to ____________________ him, but luckily the police arrived quickly and saved him before he was badly hurt.

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