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Word groups - information and contents

This exercise practises words which have the basic meaning of see. Put one of the verbs in the list into the gap in each of the sentences. Some gaps can take one of two verbs. Make sure you use the correct form.

discern, glimpse, make out, notice, observe, realise, regard, understand, view, witness

1. When Janice walked into the room I (1) that she was very tired and worn out.

2. I was walking across a field when just for a moment I (2) a strange animal by the gate. It was gone in a moment.

3. I (3) this type of behaviour as very damaging to the reputation of the school.

4. It was a very foggy night and I couldn't (4) what was happening.

5. The exhibition will be open to the public to (5) from next Monday.

6. I tried very hard but I could not (6) any difference between the twins.

7. I (7) the robbery so the police want me to give evidence.

8. As part of my course I had to (8) other teachers in class and write reports.

9. I can (9) what you are trying to say, but I don't agree with you.

10. I suddenly (10) what he was trying to tell me.