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Word Groups - Verbs Meaning Start/Continue/Finish 1 Bookmark and Share

Word Groups - information and contents

This exercise practises verbs meaning start, continue and finish. Choose the best word to put in each gap. Make sure that you put it in the correct form.

abolish, carry on, call off, complete, conclude, end, initiate, persist, stay, stop

1. When my computer broke down I called the company to speak to the manager. They told me that he couldn't speak to me, but I ____________________ until they let me speak to him.

2. The strike was due to take place tomorrow, but it's been ____________________ because the union came to an agreement with the management.

3. The university today ____________________ a new scheme to encourage students from low-income families to apply.

4. The exam wasn't too difficult. I ____________________ it about fifteen minutes before the end.

5. This law is completely outdated and the only sensible course of action is to ____________________ it.

6. All the children stood up when the teacher entered the room, apart from one who ____________________ seated.

7. Although it was time to go home, I decided to ____________________ working because I had to finish the project before I went home.

8. I used to play football a couple of times a week, but I had to ____________________ when I had a serious injury to my knee. The doctor said it needed complete rest.

9. When the film ____________________ everybody was crying because it was so sad.

10. I would like to ____________________ this talk by saying that I honestly believe all of you have the potential to get into university if you work hard. Thank you very much.

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